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Shopify website developer

Launching a new startup or need an eCommerce website audit? We can help you with all kinds of growth hack stuff to increase your sales. Our developers will deeply analyze your project and your audience with periodic sales. 

If you have an e-commerce website with another platform and want to migrate to Shopify, our experts can quickly do this job precisely. We have Shopify Migration experts who can migrate the data and way of selling from other platforms to Shopify.

As a Shopify partner, we always have the latest tools and tricks to boost your sales with optimized methods. We assure you that we can develop e-commerce websites with the highest knowledge. Rest is our experience which will clear all your doubts. We have completed more than 80 projects in Shopify worldwide.

shopify website developer

Searching for shopify developer near me?

Are you tired of finding a developer for your Shopify needs? ExceedCode has a skilled team of experts who can transform your dull website into an impressive and more convincing one. We are known for generating results, or you can ask for a complete refund if you are not satisfied with our services. We will work on the design/reference provided by you and analyze any improvements so that we can offer you before we go. After your approval, we will design the store accordingly.

As expert freelancers, we are always proud of every store we have created. We always assure you that you must be confident about our services, methods, designs, and everything to make your project 100% user-friendly and dynamic. 

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Why would someone require the services of a Shopify website developer?

Consider Shopify, a personalized hosting service that allows you to build your website to display, sell, and distribute digital or actual goods. You can create a fully complete online store with a shopping cart solution and an admin panel that is simple to learn and use for managing your products for a monthly fee.

Why would someone require the services of a Shopify website developer when this popular e-commerce platform makes it very straightforward to start without expertise in developing a web store with gorgeous and responsive pre-designed templates?

Let’s consider the valuable points which will clear all your doubts.

  1. Customize the UI of your store
  2. Make integrations
  3. Make code changes
  4. Ensure that your store is functioning properly
  5. Optimize store performance


Being an e-commerce business owner means you must grasp the importance of website design and usability. The website’s purpose is to attract customers and make sure that they can easily navigate it once they’re there. A developer can create better and more sensible navigation, which will reduce the number of clicks required to checkout.

shsopify website developer | shopify expert near me

Shopify Expert With Proven Results

At ExceedCode, you need not worry about your money spent on development, as we always give a 100% money-back guarantee. We promise to deliver you the best in terms of service. We chose the best strategy customized and built only for your business. Our experts will be working on your project dedicatedly till we deliver an excellent result with all the process, energy and time.

Shopify Website Audit

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Frequently Asked Questions for the Shopify website:

ou’re probably aware that Shopify is a fully hosted eCommerce platform, with each brand using it to host their website on one of the vendor’s servers. As a result, to keep your store running, you’ll have to pay a monthly subscription charge.

Shopify offers 3 Plans to serve your audience: 

1. Basic ($29 per month + additional fees)

2. Shopify ($79 per month + additional fees)

3. Advanced ($299 per month + additional fees)

These plans have unlimited products limit, with multiple staff accounts and 24/7 support. Other than this, you can also use the feature of sales channels to sell your products on other social media platforms. You can also add multiple inventory locations. 

List of standard features on all plans: 

  1. Unlimited products 
  2. 24/7 support
  3. Staff accounts*
  4. Sales channels
  5. Inventory locations*
  6. Manual order creation
  7. Discount Codes
  8. Abandoned Cart Recovery
  9. Gift Cards
  10. Marketing Automation
  11. Unlimited Contacts
  12. Ecommerce Automation

So why do you need to choose the better plan? what is the difference between these plans?

Shopify Plan: You can use the benefits of fraud detection, more staff accounts, more inventory locations, Better reports, fewer transaction fees etc.

Advanced Plan: There are multiple benefits like significantly lower transaction fees (0.5%), better fraud analysis and reports, and more staff accounts and inventory locations.

After this, if you know how to create a website on Shopify, you can make it yourself or hire a Shopify developer to make it for you. We are learning new stuff to boost sales every day. Our growth hack methods are impressively vital to increasing your ROI. We know how to make a clean and easy to navigate UI for customers. To understand how much a developer costs you to build a Shopify website for business Contact Now.

There will be charges for some apps you use to improve features. Some of the Shopify themes are paid, which will add to your website cost. Always consult before buying any of these themes and apps because a developer can better guide you on which app is essential or which is not worth your hard-earned money.

After selecting a Shopify pan, you will need a Shopify website developer to create a clean, impressive and user-friendly website. Let’s suppose you already have a website, but it can still lack many optimizations that increase your bounce rate. Our developers can analyze your website’s UI and do essential changes/growth hacks to increase your sales. Get a free Shopify website audit now.

Generally, a Shopify website takes around 15-30 days to make and fully function. Still, many factors can increase this timeframe, like the number of products, features, and app setups required. You also need to manage a website regularly to set up new offers, discounts, products, layouts etc.

Of course, a Shopify website is 100% SEO Friendly. It requires a good amount of Shopify structure knowledge to do SEO. Shopify also uses the basic HTML structure to represent a website on the web. You need to optimize the website with the best SEO practices to rank better. There is an option to create posts and pages with relevant content and do complete SEO. You can also do the SEO of products and collections by adding necessary content, keywords, images etc.

Like other platforms, you can also do complete digital marketing of your products on Shopify. Your website will be 100% social media marketing friendly. Also, you can check comprehensive reports of the traffic on your website. 

We have developed various websites for cosmetics, ceramics, artificial jewellery, etc., to improve their sales using digital and social media marketing services. Their charts are surprisingly better than the previous one. Hire a Shopify expert to fulfil all your eCommerce website needs.

Yes, it is totally in your hands. You can cancel the billing at any time but before 24 hours of renewal. If you are not satisfied with Shopify’s cost, you can opt out at any time without any questions asked.
Though we know you are leaving the Shopify platform because you do not have good sales, you can get a free Shopify website audit and pick your last chance of success to bounce back to the top.