Optimize images for websites or apps without losing quality

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Compress Images for Free without losing Quality

Hi, We all love images as they catch more attention than boring texts; even in SEO, we need pictures to beautify our page and make relevant content. To make a good audience, you need to have quality images and video on the web page so that your blog/page looks impressive and engaging.

Using high-quality images also comes with a large file size, leading to slow page loading. You must know how page size is affecting search engine ranking. It can also lead to a decrease in audience and conversion rate. You must optimise your website media and compress the scope not to affect the speed.

We can get quality images from several sources, some providing for free use. These images are significant due to their resolution. Even if you have any designer team, they will provide you with big size images as they make it using layers, elements etc. These images can bloat up the page and make it slow to load. This article will show you how to compress such images using free sites and plugins.

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Live example of Compression

As you can see, both images look almost similar to the standard view. Both of them have practically equal detailing. But the difference is between their sizes, one picture has a size near 9MB, and the other image has a size near 69KB. The compressed image is 100 times smaller in size than the original one. You can also achieve this type of Compression, and it is 100% free. Let’s read how you can compress images to such an extent.

Benefits of image compression:

  1. Improve website speed: When we compress all the images present in the webpage the speed of website automatically gets increased, this is due to low size of media loading. Also frontend devices can better cache the compressed images.
  2. Reduce Server Load: After image compression, there will be less usage of resources to process the website to end user. This will reduce server load and hence you are able to serve more audience with same the same server.
  3. Improve SEO: Having any doubts regarding why your website is not getting indexed at desired positions? This is due to the speed of your website, most of the search engines index down the website which is slow to load or taking more time than 2-3 Seconds for mobile. Compressing images can help you to reduce one of such factors.

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There can be more benefits of image compression, but let’s start with how to compress images without wasting any more time.

What is the process of image optimization?

Automated and manual image enhancement options are available. In the case of manual picture optimization, you’ll have to spend some time and effort optimizing your images and uploading them manually.

Images can be created quickly and efficiently using specified criteria in automated solutions. Useful for those that need to use photographs in multiple parts of their site.

Multiplying images with various optimizations, such as changing their color, compression, or resolution, is now possible thanks to automated image optimization.

However, there are a variety of picture file formats to choose from, and each has its advantages and limitations. You need to select the appropriate picture format for your images to be optimized for search engines. Because JPEG produces good results and doesn’t take up a lot of space, it’s often recommended for product or landscape photographs.

Compress Images without any plugin

Working on custom websites? Let’s check how we can compress images without any app/plugin. They provide an excellent interface, and some even support bulk optimisation.

1. CompressJPEG

This site is suitable for bulk conversion; the only issue with this website is you can’t choose the amount of image compression you want to apply. It will automatically set best-Compressionsion according to the images.

2. iloveimg

You can compress jpg, png, SVG and GIF with the best quality and compression. You can optimize multiple images at once, saving your time and effort.

best way to compress images
Best Compression Method (Manual)

Automatic compress images using Plugins (WordPress)

If you use WordPress as a CMS platform and serve a good audience, you need to know that many free applications can optimise website images and lazyload them. A webpage can have a 1 to N number of images causing slow loading of the page. By compressing and minimising the size, you can save time to serve your customers better. When images have optimal size, they load faster; thus, they use fewer resources from the hosting itself. The fewer resources you use, the more audience you can serve with the same configurations.

wordpress image optimisation | free wordpress image compress
Image compression in wordpress

1. WebpExpress

When comes to WordPress this tool is like magic, it will convert all your previous images to webp format and it also compresses the images automatically. Moreover, there is a quick setting to enable which will automatically convert all future media to webp format with compression.

2. Imagify

Again a very nice and automated tool to convert all your media to next-generation format, and also it compresses the photos to a lesser size. It has some limitations, you need to purchase their plan if you ran out of their free plan.


Another free and unlimited plugin to fix all your big size media problems. Same like mentioned above it will compress and server images better for your audience, hence it will load the page quicker than before.

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